Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

We know how difficult it can be to find unique Christmas gifts for the kids while juggling everything else during the Holiday season.  As you know we are here to help, so we have put together a list of gifts sure to make your 0 to 100 year olds extra excited this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for kids of all ages

boy playing with Wall Coaster1. The Wall Coaster

Every kid loves dynamic toys that they can build themselves.  The Wall Coaster is just perfect for teaching kids the laws of physics while they have fun use their creativity. Kids use the included pieces to build a roller coaster that attaches to the wall using, non damaging Coaster Tack. Once they are done they send a marble down the track and see what happens. Great for ages 5-100

Christmas Gift Ideas - Personalized Story book 2. Personalized Story book

Kids often get tons of toys at Christmas, so instead of a new toy how about a personalized book from I See Me Inc.  They have lots of different themed books for all ages and genders that can be customized to include your child’s name throughout the story.  These are also a great idea as a keepsake gift. Great for Ages 0-10

Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages. Chalktrail3. Chalktrail

Chalktrail is a great gift to encourage your children to get outside and play. Chalktrail attaches to the back wheel of a bike and creates a chalk marking as you ride your bike. The great thing is that Chalktrail doesn’t require any tools to install, and can be put on any size bike, or scooter quickly and easily, even by a child. Once Chalktrail is attached to the bike, it’s all fun from there. Great for Ages 5-100

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages . Pokket Mixer4. Pokket Mixer

The Pokket Mixer is a great gift for an older child, teenager, or adult. It is the first mobile DJ mixer that fits in any pocket and functions entirely without Batteries, or electrical hook-up. It can connect to anything that has a headphone jack. Simply plug in two players, plug the output into stereo equipment, and you are ready for the party! Great for Ages 12-100

Christmas Gift Ideas - socks that look like shoes5. Trumpette Socks

Trumpette makes the cutest socks for babies.  You can choose from a variety of different sizes and styles. My favourite are the ones that make it look like the baby is wearing shoes. Great for Ages 0 – 5

Christmas Gift Ideas - Mustachifier6. Mustachifier

Mustachifer‘s are 100% BPA free pacifiersthat exceeds all US and EU safety standards, and features an orthodontic silicone nipple design.  The best part is that the front has a quirky moustache design, making it look like the baby has a full grown moustache.   This way at least you can get a laugh after soothing your screaming child. Great for Ages 0-4

Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, Christmas, Holiday, stocking stuffer, child, children, potty training, incontinence, Oops! Sheet*BONUS * Oops! Undies

You can’t beat giving the gift of self confidence with our Oops! Undies Waterproof Underwear.  Perfect for the kid who just needs a little bit of help in the potty training department.  Slip these into their stocking, under the tree, or place them in their drawer for a surprise gift from Santa.

I hope we cut your Holiday shopping in half with these
fun and creative Christmas gifts for ages 0-100.
Help our fellow readers out, and let us know if you have any other great gift ideas. We love to hear from you!


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