Travelling with Kids Made Easy

Whether you are taking a drive to grandma’s house this thanksgiving, or planning a beach vacation over Christmas, travelling with kids can be difficult.  We make all our products with children as well as parents in mind, and do what we can to make parenthood simpler.

We want to share with you some helpful products to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.


Useful products when travelling with kids


1.My Little Seat

My little seat portable kids chair perfect for travelling with kids


My Little Seat is  a portable, packable way to fasten little ones to adult chairs. Great for meal time while traveling. Best of all it is machine washable too.



2. Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liner

Oops! Sheet sleeping bag liner perfect for travelling with kids



The Oops! Sheet Waterproof  Kids Sleeping Bag Liner is  perfect for when your child is sleeping away from home. It helps protect their sleeping bag from any middle of the night accidents.  Great for sleeping and grandma’s, sleepovers, or camp.


3. Waterproof Carseat Cover

Oops! Sheet Waterproof carseat liner perfect for travelling with kids

The Oops! Sheet waterproof carseat cover is one of our backseat products (no pun intended!) it doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, but it is a mom’s secret weapon for road trips. We made this product mostly with potty training children in mind, but it also works wonders for milk/juice/water spills, crumbs, and any other gunk that gets left on a carseat.  One size fits most infant and toddler carseats and it is a breeze to clean and take on and off.


4. Trunki

Trunki rideable kids suitcase for travelling with kids

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought they should make motorized carry-on luggage that you can just ride around the airport. Unfortunately this may be a bit of a pipe dream, but there is something pretty darn close for kids.  This rideable carry-on luggage is perfect for those long jaunts to the boarding gate, or when there are no seats while waiting for boarding, or collecting your luggage.  It has a 4 gallon capacity for all kinds of toys, games and clothes your child may need on your travels. Get yours here.


5. Waterproof Poncho

Roo Rain Gear Waterproof Poncho for travelling with kids


When travelling there is always that dreaded question do we bring the rain jacket?  Well now you don’t have to ask yourself that question because you can easily pack along a Roo Rain Gear waterproof poncho in its packable pouch and recycled aluminum carabiner for those “just in case” moments.




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