Top Potty Training Bribes

We found bribes to be a great potty training motivator in our house.  We started with stickers, then switched to jelly beans, then it was temporary tattoos when the candy was becoming a bit much.  We polled YOU on our Facebook Page to hear what’s worked well in your household.  Here’s what you had to say:

Greta: “I sat them on the potty- turned the water on `trickle` & read to them for 5 mins.”

Sheila: “A quarter every time they go to be used to ride the carousel at our mall.”

Christy: “I pre-wrapped little toys & trinkets (the kind of stuff you find in those bubble gum dispensers) & allowed my son to choose one from the basket each time he used the potty. Eventually, he forgot about the toys & just went.”

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We then polled Mom CEOs of a few of our favourite brands, here’s what they had to say:

Holly of Wee Urban:
“Make bubbles with dish soap using toilet brush, then drop in 5 cheerios and sink’m in the bubbles.”

Robbin of Screen Door Magnet
“Those Godiva round truffles. She loved taking her time getting all the chocolate out of the center.”
Lyndsay of Pump-a-Pair:
“We used pez with both my kids. They loved picking out the pez character and they are small enough I didn’t feel bad giving them one each time they tried.”
Nicole of Mally Bibs:
“Cheerios work great for aiming practice for boys!”
Kelley of Baby Jack Blankets:
“The Potty Train “Chugga Chugga Poo Poo” is an adorable book that we read the kids. The entire family would run around the house afterwards when they were successful. Not a bribe, just a fun activity to keep them entertained. Sometimes I still hear them saying it!”
Laura of Push Pack:
“Big girl panties.”
Susan of the MotrB:
“Pretty panties and new shoes. She wanted to wear the new panties and then she peed in them and it went in her new shoes. She was so mad. She was trained that day.”
Of course M&M’s were a big hit with many Moms and kids alike.  Though the amounts of candy scored varied greatly…
Lindy of Bugalug: “M&M’s – 1 for a #1, 2 for a #2. Worked like a charm for my middle boy!”
Melissa of Lalabye Cloth Diapers: “M&M’s worked great for us. 1 or 2 M&M’s for peepee in potty or 5 M&M’s for poo.”
And the most generous M&Ms household?
Nicole of Butibag: “M&Ms! 5 for going #1 and 10 for going #2. Helps with one-to-one counting, too.”

Did we miss any?  Please do let us know in the Comments section below!
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