Three Surefire Signs Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train

Counting down the days to the toilet transition? Or maybe you’ve already dabbled in a few less-than-successful attempts? One thing we hear again and again: your child has to be good and ready. But HOW do you know when they are ready?

Oops! Sheet™ Babies in Red (cropped)

Three telltale signs your cutie is ready to ditch the diapers for good:
1) Your kiddo is showing an interest in the bathroom.
They are coming into the bathroom with you.  Perhaps they are curious about how the toilet works.  They may even be keeping track of when *you* need to go. “Mommy needs to go potty?”

2) Your child is telling you when she has to go
Another surefire sign is when they announce to you that they need to go, or are about to go in their diaper.  “I go pee now.” 

3) Lastly, wanting to be changed promptly after pooping or peeing is a sign your child wants to move on to a drier bottom.
As children become more aware of their bodies, they’ll naturally gravitate towards wanting a clean bottom. They’ll be aware when they are wet or soiled, and will be keen to feel dry again.

Did we miss any other surefire signs of when a child is ready to potty train?  Let us know in the comments below!

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