Pssst… Hey You…

Pssst… hey you. Yeah you with the pony tail and the pillow lines still on your face. With the kid that just blew a gasket in the store. You look great. And you are doing a great job. Really.

Your house is a mess? Nah, it’s fine. Perpetual fingerprints everywhere? We’ll call it art. Laundry pile is a mile high? That’s ok, it will get done when it gets done.

Kids been crazy lately? Yeah. It happens sometimes. It’s not a reflection of your parenting though. You’re a great parent. And you’re doing an amazing job with your kids. They may not appreciate it now. But they will one day.

Juggling a career too? Got a business? Working from home? Lots of balls in the air at once? Yeah. Things get nuts sometimes. It’s part of life. We want it all and sometimes it all comes at us at once.

Haven’t managed a shower yet today? Well you don’t look it. Don’t even know what your make up looks like anymore? You look fine without it. And you look fine with it. No worries.

So in this chaos that we call life, we just wanted to take a moment to say: Hey, great job. You look wonderful. Your kids are great kids. Your house is just fine the way it is. And you are doing a fantastic job. Well done. Really and truly, well done.

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