Potty Training: Top 3 Reasons To Use Cloth Training Pants vs Pull-Ups

oops undies, cloth, training pants, potty training, toilet training, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, child, children, boys, girls, toddler, eco friendly, reusable, Oops! Undies are cloth toilet training pants for children. They look and feel like regular underwear but have a waterproof layer between two layers of slightly absorbent bamboo fabric. They are designed for mid to later stage potty training kids as well as for children with light incontinence challenges. Here’s why families prefer our Oops! Undies cloth training pants over Pull-Ups:

1. Faster potty training.
Pull-Ups absorb like a diaper. As such, they mimic a diaper and many kids are quick to use them like a diaper. It’s preferable for your child to feel the wetness that comes with using cloth training pants, and to be uncomfortable. Use an Oops! Sheet waterproof carseat protector, and Oops! Sheet waterproof mattress protectors to keep everything dry. Have a really heavy wetter? Try our Oops! Booster pads. Need even more protection? Take a prefold out of your cloth diaper stash, and tuck them in your child’s Oops! Undies Cloth Training Pants.

In your words:
Love them
We are having a difficult time potty training my stubborn little guy. We are at the point where we have to put our foot down, No More Pull-ups! Thankgoodness for these training pants!!! They are absorbent enough to not make a large pool on the floor but still leak enough for him to know he’s made a mistake! They look and feel like real underwater too!

2. Confidence building.
Kids that have occasional set-backs do not want to wear diapers. They find it both confusing and embarrassing. Oops! Undies Cloth Training Pants look and feel like regular underwear. Their siblings and peers would not know the difference between a pair of Oops! Undies and regular underwear. Pull-Ups on the other hand…

In your words:
Best purchase I have made in a long time
Best purchase I have made in a long time. My son struggles to wake up at night and at 5 was horrified to wear “diapers” at night. This has given him his confidence back and me the freedom from washing sheets every morning!!! Love love love

3. Independence.
The child that feels in control, wants to keep feeling that feeling. Being able to take care of their own bathroom business is a wonderful thing – both for the child as well as the parents.

In your words:
Nothing else like these
I have a 12 y-old boy (small for age) with medical issues. He does not want to wear pull-ups, so we have tried every underwear on the market–I am sure we spent no less than an thousand $ on other products, but these are perfect. My son can pull them up and down and places a small incontinence pad inside and no leaking all day. In other pants he would bulge or leak. These look and feel like real underwear. They are worth every cent and then some!! A real blessing to our family.

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