Potty Training Tips and Advice from our Readers

We know that potty training can be difficult, so last week we asked our readers for some of their tips and tricks that have worked for them during the whole process.  Here is a list of the most popular advice from fellow parents who have been out in the trenches just like you.

Potty Training Tips and advice from other parents. Oops! Undies  Oops! Sheet

Be Committed and Stay Consistent

Like anything consistency is important, children respond well to routines and by introducing one using the potty will become much less foreign to them. It is also important that you start the process at a time when you can be committed.  If you are not able to put in the time to take it seriously it is likely that your child will not take it seriously either.

Do Not use Training Diapers

Using pull-ups or similar training diapers can sometimes prolong the potty training process.  Kids need to feel wet and uncomfortable to understand why using the potty is a better alternative. Pull-ups absorb the wetness and act just like normal diapers. Many parents suggested using thick cotton underwear, training pants, or our Oops! Undies waterproof underwear for example.

Waterproof underwear for Potty Training. Oops! Undies

Give Rewards

Kids respond well to rewards. It makes them feel accomplished and excited to continue to succeed.  Some parents use chocolate, or candy, while others create a sticker chart to keep track of successful “activities”.  Some parents give their child a reward after every successful bathroom run, and others use stickers to add up until a target amount had been reached.  Once this target amount has been reached they give the child a reward.

Potty training tips and advice, use rewards

Wait Until They Are Ready

“Wait until their ready” was expressed by many of our readers.  Some children’s ability to use the potty properly develops later than others, and there is no point wasting your time if the child has no interest in using the potty.  The process will become very stressful and frustrating if you are always fighting with your child to go to the bathroom.

Go Before you Leave

There is nothing worse than having to clean a soiled carseat, (which is why we created our waterproof carseat cover) so naturally many of our readers suggested taking your child to the bathroom before you leave the house.

Use a Portable Travel Potty

This handy device can help when you’re on the go so that potty training doesn’t have to be put on hold while you are out.  Many parents said that they keep a potty in the car so that they can pottytrain on the go and avoid dirty public bathrooms.

Travel Potty, Potty Training tips and advice Oops! Undies

Tinkle Targets (boys)

Parents who have boys have found that creating targets for their boys to aim at while using the bathroom has made potty training fun, and helped keep their bathroom clean.  Some parents place Cheerios cereal in the toilet and encourage their son to aim for the target.  You can also buy stickers to place in the bowl for your son to aim at. (This can work with dads too!)

Potty Training tips and advice target tinklers

Recognize Cues

Kids usually have a cue that signals that they have to use the bathroom. Things like hiding in a corner, crossing their legs, holding themselves, tugging on their underwear, crouching, and so on can help signal that they need to use the potty. Taking them, or asking them to use the potty once seeing these signs give you a better chance of success.

Keep it Casual

Some parents have found it helpful to keep the whole process very casual. They have placed the potty in the living room and allowed them to sit on it while eating, or watching TV so that they can get used to sitting on the potty.

Set a Timer
In order to be consistent some parents suggest to set a timer for every half hour, or twenty minutes to remind them to take their child to the potty.  Another way parents have used a timer is by setting a timer once the child is on the potty and instructing them to keep trying until the timer is done.  Of course they can get off early if they finish before the timer is done. 😉

Always Bring Extra Clothes

This is a great piece of advice, not only for your child but for yourself. All kind of accidents can happen while potty training, it never hurts to be prepared.

I hope the tips and advice were helpful for any of you about to embark on the potty training adventure.  Please feel free to share any other tips in the comments below.

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