Potty Training: Tales From The Trenches

We’ve heard many potty training stories over the years and wanted to share of few of our favourites. Grab your coffee and get ready to laugh until the tears pour…

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Sarah S. “Potty training is like trying to get an elephant in a smart car!!!”

Clint B. “I am looking forward to potty training like looking forward to a root canal. You really don’t want to go through the pain but know that on the other side you will be in less pain.”

Sara Y. “My greatest nightmare is an “I need to go potty,” while we are in bumper to bumper traffic.”

Stephanie N. “How I feel about potty training…”are we there yet?”

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Kristin S. “I’m loving my three year old telling me “it’s not the right time for me yet. Maybe next year mom.””

Sheena S. “It’s like running a marathon.”

Maleesa L. “After conquering the “peeing portion” of potty training and struggling with the “pooping portion,” we had to catch our son before going into closets, because that was his poop-location of choice. While on vacation at Disney World, we actually discovered (after smelling something for about a half hour) that after his bath he had pooped in the hotel room closet. On the floor. Log just layin’ there.”

Sarah A. “My son has a very vivid imagination and once after going number 2 he looks in the toilet and says, “Look! A poop snake!!””

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Jodie G. “My daughter has pooped everywhere but the potty. However, she will gladly pee in the potty for a few skittles! I’ve even tried telling her I’ll give her enough skittles to poop a rainbow if she goes poop in the potty!”

Stacy P. “Oh man, these undies would be perfect for my five year old son while traveling. He has incontinence while sleeping, and I’m always worried about accidents when staying over at friends and family’s houses.”

Kelie E. “Potty training is SO much fun. – Said no mom ever.”

Ashley H. “My daughter, almost 3 is ‘mostly’ potty trained. She has trouble with poop sometimes. Yesterday, whilst Christmas shopping, she says with a huge smile on her face, “look Mom!” And pointed to a huge bump on her butt. Yuck!”

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Felisa A. “Potty training my 3 yr old is not going well. I think he’s going to be in diapers at college.”

Heather S. “Potty training is worse than child birth. Really.”

Kasaundra T. “Potty training twins meant I was rushing one to the toilet while the other one happily peed in a corner.”

Rae E. “Still in the potty training process. This is the slowest process ever. It’s like herding cats.”

Emily A. “My favorite part of potty training is when my kid loudly cheers for me when I use the potty… In a public restroom.”

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