Travelling with Kids During the Holidays

Whether you are taking off somewhere warmer for the Holidays, or just making a trip down to visit Grandma, we know that travelling with kids over the Christmas break can be a real challenge.  Luckily, we have been curating travel products to help simplify parenthood especially for the travel season.  Follow the links below to recap on some of our previous tips.

Helpful products for travelling with kids over the Holidays

In our “What To Bring To Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas” post we made a video showing all the products that helped make our sunny vacation a success. If you are heading to a beach destination over the Holidays you should definitely view the full post.  Some of our favourites from the post are:

Noblo, umbrella, beach, kids, family, child, children, oops! sheet, oops! undies, waterproof, potty training, incontinence, family, vacation, summer, sun, travel, traveling
The Noblo – a durable, thick bag that you fill up with sand, and attach it to your beach umbrella using the attached velcro straps.  You can use Noblo to anchor anything while you are at the beach – well, perhaps not the kids!

sand gone sand remover, beach, vacation. holidays

Sand Gone –  When you’re on vacation, they last thing you want to do is spend the week sleeping in a sand filled bed.  Sand Gone removes the sand from your child’s sandy bits, by simply dusting it on to their body. If that wasn’t awesome enough, just wait til you smell it!


Recently we also did a post all about Travelling with Kids.  In this post we cover everything from kids luggage to rain gear.  Our favourites from this post are:

waterproof sleeping bag liner, camping, travelling with kids, holidays
Oops! Sheet Waterproof Kids Sleeping Bag Liner is perfect for when your child is sleeping away from home. It helps protect their sleeping bag from any middle of the night accidents.  Great for visiting grandma, sleepovers, or camp.

Trunki rideable kids suitcase for travelling with kids

Trunki –  Who wouldn’t want a rideable carry-on luggage is perfect for those long jaunts to the boarding gate, or when there are no seats while waiting to board the plane, or collecting your luggage.  It has a 4 gallon capacity for all kinds of toys, games and clothes your child may need on your travels.


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Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffers

I always remember as a kid that my favourite gifts to open on Christmas morning were the ones out of my stocking.  I just loved the extra little things that I pulled out.  Sometimes it can be difficult to fill the stockings with meaningful gifts, which is why we have put together some great eco-friendly stocking stuffers that are great for your kids, and the environment.


Eco-friendly stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids and mom

Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffer - Grow your own mushrooms kit
1. Grow Mushrooms Kit

Why not give the gift that keeps on growing with this Grow your Own Mushroom Kit from Back to the Roots. Kids can watch gourmet oyster mushrooms grow right out of the box that can be eaten in just 10 days.  Take this opportunity to get them helping in the kitchen and teach them how to make healthy meals that come straight from the garden. Simply water them twice a day with the included mister, and voila!

All Natural crayons made from veggies
2.  Natural Art Products

Kids love to be creative, and make art, and sometimes that creativity ends up all over their face.  With the art supplies from Wee Can Too you don’t have to worry if some of that paint/chalk/crayon ends up in their mouth, because the products are all natural and organic, made from fruits and veggies! Their products are made with out chemicals, preservatives, or colour additives so you can ensure that your little one can be safe while having fun.

DIY Terrarium - stocking stuffer gift ideas
3. DIY Terrarium Kit

Add a little nature to your home with Twig’s Do-it-yourself terrariums.  The kits contain everything you need to create the little green world, including all the elements, a beautiful recycled glass container, and a little male, or female figurine to live in your green world.

Wooden Rope swing, eco-friendly stocking gift idea, green
4. Oval Tree Swing

Who can forget the endless hours spent outside with the neighbourhood kids taking turns on the local tree swing.  Reintroduce this classic feeling to your kids with The Original Oval Tree Swing. This swing is exactly what it says it is, an old fashioned rope swing.  The nice thing is that it is made from 100% reclaimed wood allowing it to blend in with its natural surroundings and compliment your landscaping.

Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffers, solar LED light, green, environmentally friendly
5. Solar Light

The LuminAID solar light is the perfect gift for a little adventurer. This safe, sustainable and ultra-portable light provides up to 15 hours of LED light and can easily be recharged in the sun, ideal for recreational use outdoors, or in the home as an extra light.  It packs super flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern.

Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, training pants, eco friendly, reusable
6. Waterproof Undies

Give the gift of self confidence with our Oops! Undies Waterproof Underwear.  Perfect for the kid who just needs a little bit of help in the potty training department.  Perfect size to slip into their stocking

Lovey's Tushi Wash all natural diaper spray
6. Tushi Wash

Tushi Wash spray, from Lovey’s Natural Body Care, is an eco-friendly diaper spray that you use with a moistened reusable cloth to gently clean your baby’s tushi without adding more toxic wipes to our landfills.  They also have a Tushi Stick, an all-natural diaper ointment in a stick that conveniently saves parents from messy hands!  The stick has been lab tested and kills bacteria “naturally”! The brand also carries ChafeStop that is great for anyone who suffers from chafing and heat rash, perfect for athletes, babies, pregnant women, etc.

Cupping Massage Kits for Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas
7. BONUS Cupping Massage Kit

Our Bonus item is for the deserving moms on your list.  Lure Home Spa offers BPA-free food grade silicone Cupping Massage Kits for Body & Face. LURE™ cups are safe and effective, natural, affordable and offer a non-invasive way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of cellulite, detox, relieve headaches, muscle pain, sinus pressure, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, contour, tone & firm skin, boost collagen, reduce stress and so much more.  What mom couldn’t use that!

Eco-friendly Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas, green, sustainable
8. Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

Now that you have all those weirdly shaped stocking stuffers of all different sizes, how are you going to wrap them?  Lilywrap delivers an eco-friendly and easy-to-use gift wrap alternative, saving time + trees. The versatile, stretchy, reusable gift wrap fits snugly to a variety of shapes and sizes with the same look and style as traditional wrapping paper. Quickly wrap a present of virtually any shape for a beautiful, custom-wrapped gift.

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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

We know how difficult it can be to find unique Christmas gifts for the kids while juggling everything else during the Holiday season.  As you know we are here to help, so we have put together a list of gifts sure to make your 0 to 100 year olds extra excited this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas for kids of all ages

boy playing with Wall Coaster1. The Wall Coaster

Every kid loves dynamic toys that they can build themselves.  The Wall Coaster is just perfect for teaching kids the laws of physics while they have fun use their creativity. Kids use the included pieces to build a roller coaster that attaches to the wall using, non damaging Coaster Tack. Once they are done they send a marble down the track and see what happens. Great for ages 5-100

Christmas Gift Ideas - Personalized Story book 2. Personalized Story book

Kids often get tons of toys at Christmas, so instead of a new toy how about a personalized book from I See Me Inc.  They have lots of different themed books for all ages and genders that can be customized to include your child’s name throughout the story.  These are also a great idea as a keepsake gift. Great for Ages 0-10

Christmas gift ideas for kids of all ages. Chalktrail3. Chalktrail

Chalktrail is a great gift to encourage your children to get outside and play. Chalktrail attaches to the back wheel of a bike and creates a chalk marking as you ride your bike. The great thing is that Chalktrail doesn’t require any tools to install, and can be put on any size bike, or scooter quickly and easily, even by a child. Once Chalktrail is attached to the bike, it’s all fun from there. Great for Ages 5-100

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages . Pokket Mixer4. Pokket Mixer

The Pokket Mixer is a great gift for an older child, teenager, or adult. It is the first mobile DJ mixer that fits in any pocket and functions entirely without Batteries, or electrical hook-up. It can connect to anything that has a headphone jack. Simply plug in two players, plug the output into stereo equipment, and you are ready for the party! Great for Ages 12-100

Christmas Gift Ideas - socks that look like shoes5. Trumpette Socks

Trumpette makes the cutest socks for babies.  You can choose from a variety of different sizes and styles. My favourite are the ones that make it look like the baby is wearing shoes. Great for Ages 0 – 5

Christmas Gift Ideas - Mustachifier6. Mustachifier

Mustachifer‘s are 100% BPA free pacifiersthat exceeds all US and EU safety standards, and features an orthodontic silicone nipple design.  The best part is that the front has a quirky moustache design, making it look like the baby has a full grown moustache.   This way at least you can get a laugh after soothing your screaming child. Great for Ages 0-4

Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, Christmas, Holiday, stocking stuffer, child, children, potty training, incontinence, Oops! Sheet*BONUS * Oops! Undies

You can’t beat giving the gift of self confidence with our Oops! Undies Waterproof Underwear.  Perfect for the kid who just needs a little bit of help in the potty training department.  Slip these into their stocking, under the tree, or place them in their drawer for a surprise gift from Santa.

I hope we cut your Holiday shopping in half with these
fun and creative Christmas gifts for ages 0-100.
Help our fellow readers out, and let us know if you have any other great gift ideas. We love to hear from you!


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Travelling with Kids Made Easy

Whether you are taking a drive to grandma’s house this thanksgiving, or planning a beach vacation over Christmas, travelling with kids can be difficult.  We make all our products with children as well as parents in mind, and do what we can to make parenthood simpler.

We want to share with you some helpful products to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.


Useful products when travelling with kids


1.My Little Seat

My little seat portable kids chair perfect for travelling with kids


My Little Seat is  a portable, packable way to fasten little ones to adult chairs. Great for meal time while traveling. Best of all it is machine washable too.



2. Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liner

Oops! Sheet sleeping bag liner perfect for travelling with kids



The Oops! Sheet Waterproof  Kids Sleeping Bag Liner is  perfect for when your child is sleeping away from home. It helps protect their sleeping bag from any middle of the night accidents.  Great for sleeping and grandma’s, sleepovers, or camp.


3. Waterproof Carseat Cover

Oops! Sheet Waterproof carseat liner perfect for travelling with kids

The Oops! Sheet waterproof carseat cover is one of our backseat products (no pun intended!) it doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, but it is a mom’s secret weapon for road trips. We made this product mostly with potty training children in mind, but it also works wonders for milk/juice/water spills, crumbs, and any other gunk that gets left on a carseat.  One size fits most infant and toddler carseats and it is a breeze to clean and take on and off.


4. Trunki

Trunki rideable kids suitcase for travelling with kids

I can’t tell you how many times I have thought they should make motorized carry-on luggage that you can just ride around the airport. Unfortunately this may be a bit of a pipe dream, but there is something pretty darn close for kids.  This rideable carry-on luggage is perfect for those long jaunts to the boarding gate, or when there are no seats while waiting for boarding, or collecting your luggage.  It has a 4 gallon capacity for all kinds of toys, games and clothes your child may need on your travels. Get yours here.


5. Waterproof Poncho

Roo Rain Gear Waterproof Poncho for travelling with kids


When travelling there is always that dreaded question do we bring the rain jacket?  Well now you don’t have to ask yourself that question because you can easily pack along a Roo Rain Gear waterproof poncho in its packable pouch and recycled aluminum carabiner for those “just in case” moments.




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What To Bring To Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

We recently visited Atlantis in Paradise Island Bahamas – and what a vacation!  If you ever get a chance to visit, definitely do so.  We wanted to share with you what we brought, and why, to help you when you are packing for your next family vacation.

1) Oops! Undies
Traveling with potty training kids or ones that tend to “hold it” until the last second?  Oops! Undies are waterproof bamboo kids underwear.  They look and feel like regular underwear but with a little added bonus protection.  Definitely not designed for full flow urinating – so plan accordingly, your child will head out to the airport with you in confidence.  You’ll breathe easier knowing if they can’t get to the toilet immediately on the airplane, everyone’s covered.
oops! undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, training pants, potty training, incontinence, child, children, unisex, boys, girls, toddler, back to school2)  Bogg Bag
What’s a tropical vacation without an awesome beach bag?  Bogg Bag is a beautifully designed, strong beach bag that will fit all your beach essentials.  It’s packed with awesome design details like a waterproof, zippered inside compartment, and a customizable outside.  You’ll find you use your Bogg Bag for so much for that just the beach, it’s that beautiful.
bogg bag, books, back to school, bag, eco friendly, kids, child, children, boys, girls
3) Eco Nuts
We stayed at Haborside Resorts in Atlantis and enjoyed in-suite laundry.  Eco Nuts were the perfect laundry soap to bring for so many reasons.  The packaging is small so they don’t take up much room in your suitcase.  They work extremely well to clean your clothes.  And being nuts, you don’t have to worry about them spilling everywhere in your luggage enroute to your vacation destination.
eco nuts, soap nuts, eco friendly, organic laundry soap, hypoallergenic, kid friendly, baby safe
4) Oops! Sheet
Traveling with a potty training child means bringing a waterproof bedsheet a really smart idea.  But even if your child isn’t potty training, what if they have an “oops” at night?  Odds are they are sharing a bed with someone and that same someone will need to sleep in that funny-smelling bed for the rest of the vacation.  Plus what about the previous guests to the hotel?  What fluids might be soaked into the mattress from them?  We bring an Oops! Sheet with us whenever we are staying in a hotel, no matter how fancy the hotel.
Oops! Sheet, waterproof, mattress protectors, bed sheets, cotton, potty training, incontinence, kids, child, children, travel, traveling
5) Noblo Umbrella Buddy
Noblo is a genius idea for windy beaches.  It’s a durable, thick bag that you fill up with sand.  You then attach it to your beach umbrella using the attached velcro straps.  You can use Noblo to anchor anything while you are at the beach – well, perhaps not the kids!
Noblo, umbrella, beach, kids, family, child, children, oops! sheet, oops! undies, waterproof, potty training, incontinence, family, vacation, summer, sun, travel, traveling6) Swimlids
Whoever thought up a UV protection hat that looks like a baseball cap, and can go in the water – was a genius!  Swimlids come in tons of great colours.  The fabric is comfortable.  The front “lid” portion of the hat protects their eyes and can go swimming with them.  Plus if your child has long hair, there’s enough room for them to tuck their hair up into their Swimlid.  Perfect!
swimlids, sun protection, sun hat, uv protection, packable, back to school, kids, child, children, boys, girls
7) SwimZip
Another genius UV protection must-have is SwimZip.  UV protection built right in and a rash guard.  Perfect for zipping down waterslides or sliding on and off inner tubes.  Two piece design so your child isn’t trying to wriggle out of a one piece when they need to use the potty.  And tons of seriously cute styles to choose from!

SwimZip, rash guard, swim suit, bathing suit, kids, child, children, uv protection

8) ButiPods
The ButiPod is a handy, slim zip-shut wipes container.  It’s wonderfully thin design makes it easy to bring in your bag or purse.  It zips shut which means your wipes stay moist.  And if your kids get into something and you need to clean them, they are close by.  Definitely something you want to have when you are traveling with kids.

butipod, reusable, wipes container, diaper wipes, kids, child, children, parenting

9) Roo Rain Gear – Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
Roo Rain Gear is an adorable line of rainwear, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  If you aren’t already in love due to the eco-friendly aspect, you will fall in love with the simple design.  The entire rain poncho packs down into it’s front pouch pocket and comes with a recycled aluminum carabiner for quick clip-n-go.  It’s an easy item to bring with you on vacation for when the weather unexpectedly turns.  Available in kids, adult, and doggy sizes.
roo rain gear, rpet, recycled plastic bottles, rain coat, rain wear, rain poncho, rain slicker, kids, adults, boys, girls, men, women, dog, poncho, eco friendly apparel
10) Sand Gone
For anyone who’s ever watched their child cover their sibling from head to toe in sand, Sand Gone is the answer.  Sand gets sticky and tracks in every where.  When you’re on vacation, they last thing you want to do is spend the week sleeping in a sand filled bed.  Sand Gone gets dusted onto your child’s sandy bits, and it simply takes the sand off.  And if that wasn’t awesome enough, just wait til you smell it!
sand gone, beach, sand remover, eco friendly, kids, child, children, summer, vacation, holidays

And there you have it – what we brought on our vacation to Atlantis in Paradise Island, the Bahamas.  Where are you vacationing to?  And what are you bringing that we should add to our list?  Let us know if the comments below!

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Oops! Undies Potty Training Pants

Many of the parents who have tried our Oops! Undies are in love with the well thought-out details of our product.  We realize that many of these details may not be obvious, because, well, we have purposely designed our underwear to be discrete.

Here is a diagram to show you our hard work

Diagram of Oops! Undies Waterproof Potty Training pants

1.  Yoga Style Waistband

Since we designed these underwear keeping in mind all ages, we purposely wanted our products to look and feel like “real” underwear.  In order to do this we wanted to avoid the uncomfortable elastic waist and leg band.  Instead we added a super comfy yoga-style waistband that would fit comfortably around the child’s waist and legs, as well as stretch and move along with them.

2. Waterproof Membrane

The mid section of the underwear is what I like to call our “Premium Section,” it’s where all the magic happens, the waterproof magic that is.  This is our waterproof membrane made from our custom designed fabric. This section extends down through the front all the way up the back to the back waistband.  This outer layer of fabric is designed to absorb and spread any wetness, while the inner layer wicks it away, keeping the child dry.  The best part is we use polyeurethane laminte (PUL) for waterproofing, the same technology commonly used in cloth diapers, so it’s breathable.  No PVC and no vinyl.

3. Breathable Side Panels

We also introduced side panels for extra breathability and comfort.  Our side panels are made of soft bamboo fabric, which is all natural and eco-friendly.

3. Flat-stitched Seams

All of our seems are flat stitched with your child’s comfort in mind. With these seems there should be no “bumpies,” or “owies”.

For a list of our FAQ, and description of our other products please visit our webpage at 

Let us know what you think? Love ’em, hate ’em, we want to hear from you!


**NOTE: While this product is ideal for both daytime or night time use. PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT designed to hold full flow urinating. To contain that level of urination, we would have needed to create elastic leg bands and added bulky padding similar to a diaper. These are meant for a child who has potty trained to the stage where they are not full flow urinating.While this product is not meant to be used as a diaper it is a great underwear for potty training.


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Baby to Toddler (Big Kid) Transition Room Ideas

As much as you want to hold onto your little ones they tend to grow up 🙁 They start to walk and talk and grow out of anything and everything.  Rooms are one of the more difficult things to convert, so we have come up some excellent ideas to make transitioning from a baby room to a toddler room (or Big Kid room) a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Baby to Toddler Transition Rooms, Oops! Sheet

1. Magic Bumpers
“Magic Bumpers are firm foam wedges designed to go under the bedding (mattress pad, fitted sheet) as a safer and easier alternative to traditional children’s bed guards.”  The are light weight and super easy to transport, and can be used in any size bed as a guard rail, or as a separator.  You can find more information on Magic Bumpers on their website.

2. Drawer Labels 
As your child grows up they are going to want to have more of a say in …well everything!  Help them be more independent by making their clothing accessible in drawers and label each drawer so they can learn how to dress themselves.  These fabric, tear-proof, removable stickers from Easy Daysies have pictures and words so your child can easily identify each drawer.

3. Oops! Sheet
Baby to toddler also means diapers to toilet.  Potty training time has arrived and the Oops! Sheet is the perfect way to contain any possible accidents.  These waterproof mattress protectors are luxuriously soft, breathable, and machine washable.

4. Wooden Growth Chart
Before you know it your little one will be off to school and you will want to remember when they were just a baby in your arms.  Keep track of their growth spurts with these wooden growth charts from Homeworks Etc. They have a variety of themes for any child and they can be personalized too.

5. Convertible Crib
Buying furniture can be a hassle especially as your children are growing so quickly.  The GRO Convertible Crib grows with your child all the way until they go to college. It transforms from crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, to play table, to desk!   Best of all it has a fastener-free assembly, and is made in the USA with non-toxic materials and finishes, and meets all US safety requirements for cribs and toddler beds



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5 Halloween Sleepover Party Ideas

Oops! Sheet sleeping bag liners for sleepovers

This year Halloween is on a Friday making it perfect for a Halloween Sleepover Party.

If your child is worried about accidents in the middle of the night we are here to help.  Our Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liners fit discreetly into your child’s sleeping bag so you both don’t have to worry.  This leaves you with more time to take care of the fun stuff like Halloween party planning.

Luckily we can help with those too.

Oops! Sheet Halloween sleepover party Ideas, Host a Pumpkin Hunt

Hide mini pumpkins around the yard, or in the house.  Turn off the lights, give the kids flashlights and let them loose.  The person/team with the most mini pumpkins wins.

Modified bobbing for apples, Halloween party ideas

Bobbing for Apples is an old favourite, but I was always a little grossed out by the communal water bucket.  Instead of having the apples floating in water try hanging them from their stem and have the kids try to get a hold of them with their mouths.

Pumpkin decorating, halloween ideas

Carving Pumpkins can get messy, so instead you can have the kids decorate them instead. You can use markers, or create mouth, eye ears etc, cut-outs and have them stick them on the pumpkin.

Halloween party ideas, candy trade

Have all the kids sort out their candy and group the ones that they don’t like, or the ones they would prefer to trade.  Let them go around and offer trades on their least favourite items.  This can help with eliminating any leftovers.

DIY glowing balloons for Halloween

Decorate the sleeping area with ghosts and ghouls.  Put different coloured glow sticks in white balloons, draw scary faces on them, and stick them to the wall. Easy peasy and very festive.



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How to Preserve your Pumpkin

Our job at Oops! Sheet is to help you during through those tough potty training messes, but we know that those aren’t the only messes that come with children! I am sure many of you have made the trek to the pumpkin patch, or gone to your local grocery store and gotten your kids a pumpkin.  The kids are all excited to get carving, but you already fear the mouldy mess that is sure to appear in a few days time.  We haven’t developed the “Forever Jack-O-Lantern”, but we have put together a few tips that may help you prolong the life of your masterpiece.

carving pumpkins, jack-o-lantern, halloween, oops! sheet, preserve carved pumpkin

1. Sanitize your pumpkin

Bacteria, mould, fungi and other micro-organisms live on the surface of pumpkins, and cause them to decay over time.  One way to prolong this decay is to kill the bacteria by cleaning your pumpkin’s surfaces. You can do this by wiping down the pumpkin with a mixture of water and bleach, or using a household cleaner that contains bleach. Once cleaned, pat dry with a paper towel.

For best results spray your pumpkin daily with the bleach mixture to prevent bacteria from growing.

2. Bathe your pumpkin

No we are not suggesting that you give your pumpkin a bubble bath, but if you want to prevent your pumpkin from shrivelling and drying out you can submerge your pumpkin for a couple of hours to rehydrate it.  Make sure to wipe it dry after in order to prevent the growth of bacteria

3. Keep the stem

Instead of cutting off the top of your pumpkin, try cutting out a hole in the back.  Since pumpkins get their nutrients from the vine it is a good idea to keep the top and stem of your pumpkin in tact to allow it to receive the last bit of nutrients in can get.

4.  Scrap the candles

The heat given off from candles can essentially cook the inside of the pumpkin causing it to become soft and decay.  As an alternative try using battery operated candles, or christmas lights wrapped around a jar.

5.  Keep it cool

Just like any fruit or vegetable you can prolong the life of your pumpkin by keeping it cool.  Putting it in the fridge when it is not in use, or in a cold garage is a great way to keep your pumpkin fresh for its big day.

Sources :

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Kid Friendly Bathroom Decor

We have developed the Oops! Undies to help make potty training a breeze, but we know it’s hard to get your little one excited to use the bathroom.  We have put together a few kid friendly decor ideas that can help your child enjoy the whole bathroom experience.

Kid friendly Bathroom decorating ideas


I am personally a huge fan of the Modern Child theme, what are your thoughts?  Do you have any items in your bathroom that your child just loves?
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