Oops! Undies Potty Training Pants

Many of the parents who have tried our Oops! Undies are in love with the well thought-out details of our product.  We realize that many of these details may not be obvious, because, well, we have purposely designed our underwear to be discrete.

Here is a diagram to show you our hard work

Diagram of Oops! Undies Waterproof Potty Training pants

1.  Yoga Style Waistband

Since we designed these underwear keeping in mind all ages, we purposely wanted our products to look and feel like “real” underwear.  In order to do this we wanted to avoid the uncomfortable elastic waist and leg band.  Instead we added a super comfy yoga-style waistband that would fit comfortably around the child’s waist and legs, as well as stretch and move along with them.

2. Waterproof Membrane

The mid section of the underwear is what I like to call our “Premium Section,” it’s where all the magic happens, the waterproof magic that is.  This is our waterproof membrane made from our custom designed fabric. This section extends down through the front all the way up the back to the back waistband.  This outer layer of fabric is designed to absorb and spread any wetness, while the inner layer wicks it away, keeping the child dry.  The best part is we use polyeurethane laminte (PUL) for waterproofing, the same technology commonly used in cloth diapers, so it’s breathable.  No PVC and no vinyl.

3. Breathable Side Panels

We also introduced side panels for extra breathability and comfort.  Our side panels are made of soft bamboo fabric, which is all natural and eco-friendly.

3. Flat-stitched Seams

All of our seems are flat stitched with your child’s comfort in mind. With these seems there should be no “bumpies,” or “owies”.

For a list of our FAQ, and description of our other products please visit our webpage at www.OopsSheet.com 

Let us know what you think? Love ’em, hate ’em, we want to hear from you!


**NOTE: While this product is ideal for both daytime or night time use. PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT designed to hold full flow urinating. To contain that level of urination, we would have needed to create elastic leg bands and added bulky padding similar to a diaper. These are meant for a child who has potty trained to the stage where they are not full flow urinating.While this product is not meant to be used as a diaper it is a great underwear for potty training.


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