Oops! Undies FAQs & Sizing Chart

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Oops! Undies – waterproof bamboo kids underwear?  OH YEAH!!  Tell me more you say?  Read on for the most commonly asked questions.  Have a question we missed?  Be sure to leave it in the Comments section at the end of the Post…

1) Are Oops! Undies training pants?
Yes.  Oops! Undies are underwear with a little built in peace of mind for your child.  They are meant for the mid to later stage potty training child.  

2) How do Oops! Undies differ from training pants?
Training pants have elastic around the legs to keep the fluid in.  Training pants also have thick fabric and/or a padded bottom for soaking up lots of fluid.  Our goal with Oops! Undies was to make underwear.  By doing so, we could not put in elastic around the legs or use thick fabrics or include a padded bottom.  We wanted a product that looked and felt like regular underwear.  But with the added bonus of protection for light incontinence.

oops! undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, training pants, potty training, incontinence, child, children, unisex, boys, girls, toddler3) What is considered light incontinence?
Light incontinence, for the purposes of Oops! Undies design, is peeing a bit before you realize it.  Or the child who holds it until they are busting and is now desperately running for the bathroom.  And it’s ideal for the child that “leaks” a bit all day long while at school or daycare.  Oops! Undies is not for full flow urinating.  Our waterproof fabric will keep in full flow, but the full flow will need somewhere to go.  Since Oops! Undies do not use thick, diaper-like fabric, or have a padded bottom, the fluid will leak out the non-elastic leg bands.

4) Can I beef up Oops! Undies for the times I think my child might need extra protection?
Yes, absolutely.  We would suggest attaching a menstrual pad inside your child’s Oops! Undies.  If you expect your child will need lots of protection, use a thicker pad.  If you suspect your child will only need a little extra protection, a pantyliner should suffice.  We suggest using an organic, biodegradable menstrual pad like Natracare as children typically have sensitive skin.

5) What sizes do Oops! Undies come in?

Here is our Sizing Chart (in inches):
Oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies, incontinence, potty training, waterproof, underwear, kids, child, children, bamboo, eco friendly, reusable
6) My kids sleep in pull ups and still wake up with wet beds. Can I use these as “pull up covers” so at least I won’t have to change sheets every day?
Yes… and no.  Some Parents have found this effective and some have not.  It depends on how much your child is urinating at night.  If you wish to give it a try, simply measure your child’s waist and hips when they are in their night diaper and purchase the appropriate size up of Oops! Undies.  May we also suggest Oops! Sheet for your waterproof bedding needs 🙂

7) What about using Oops! Undies as a cloth diaper cover for added protection?
Again, yes… and no.  Some Parents have found this effective and some have not.  It depends on how much your child is urinating at night.   If you wish to give it a try, measure your child’s waist and hips when they are in their cloth diaper and purchase the appropriate size up of Oops! Undies.

8) Are Oops! Undies noisy at all or totally discreet?
Totally discreet.  No noise at all!

9) Are Oops! Undies breathable?
Yes, absolutely.  Plus we’ve created side panels of regular bamboo fabric for additional breathability.

Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, child, children, underwear, eco friendly, potty training, incontinence, soft, empowering, Oops! Sheet, training pants, toilet training10) What is used to make Oops! Undies waterproof?  Is there any PVC or vinyl?
Oops! Undies use polyeurethane laminte (PUL) for waterproofing.  It’s the same technology commonly used in cloth diapers.  No PVC and no vinyl.

11) Are Oops! Undies machine washable?
Yes, absolutely.

12) Do I need special detergent for washing my child’s Oops! Undies?
No, you don’t need special detergent.  However because children have sensitive skin, we always recommend using as few chemicals as possible.  Detergents we use in our home include VIP Soap Products, Seventh Generation and Eco Nuts.

If you have any additional questions that weren’t added above, please do ask in our Comments section below!  Want IN on our latest news, fabulous offers, plus exciting Giveaways?  VIP Email List sign up here!

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  1. Caitlin
    Posted May 2, 2014 at 10:45 pm | Permalink

    I’m very interested in these undies for my son, however he has a highly suspected latex allergy coupled with severe eczema. Is there any latex in these underwear? Are they cotton or polyester blend? Obviously for breathability ALL of his clothing must be 100% cotton.

    Thanks so much,

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