How A Pair of Underwear Can Change A Child’s Life

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Whether your child is just starting potty training, struggling to stay dry overnight, or has ongoing challenges, we regularly receive heartfelt feedback from parents whose children have been positively impacted by Oops! Undies. Here’s a few of our favourites:

“Best purchase I have made in a long time. My son struggles to wake up at night and at 5 was horrified to wear “diapers” at night. This has given him his confidence back and me the freedom from washing sheets every morning!!! Love love love”

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“My son just turned seven and has issues of sometimes wetting the bed. We have tried all sorts of night pants but he hates them all, until we tried Oops! Undies! The other ones leaked and felt like diapers, and no 6 or 7 year old boy wants that. The first time my son put on a pair of Oops! Undies he was just so happy and said, “Mom! They are just like underwear!” That made him feel so happy and confident. I could not ask for more. I think that this new confidence has actually helped him feel more like a big boy and has actually helped him with not having accidents anymore. Odd but true! WE LOVE our Oops! Underwear and recommended them to all our friends dealing with the same issue or are going through potty training.”

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“We purchased size 6-7 for our 5-year-old daughter. She’s a little big for her age, and they fit perfectly. They’re soft like regular underwear and wash well. She always viewed the pull-up diapers as diapers, but she actually makes an effort to keep these dry because she sees them as undies…”

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“I have a 12 y-old boy (small for age) with medical issues. He does not want to wear pull-ups, so we have tried every underwear on the market–I am sure we spent no less than an thousand $ on other products, but these are perfect. My son can pull them up and down and places a small incontinence pad inside and no leaking all day. In other pants he would bulge or leak. These look and feel like real underwear. They are worth every cent and then some!! A real blessing to our family.”

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