Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffers

I always remember as a kid that my favourite gifts to open on Christmas morning were the ones out of my stocking.  I just loved the extra little things that I pulled out.  Sometimes it can be difficult to fill the stockings with meaningful gifts, which is why we have put together some great eco-friendly stocking stuffers that are great for your kids, and the environment.


Eco-friendly stocking stuffer gift ideas for kids and mom

Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffer - Grow your own mushrooms kit
1. Grow Mushrooms Kit

Why not give the gift that keeps on growing with this Grow your Own Mushroom Kit from Back to the Roots. Kids can watch gourmet oyster mushrooms grow right out of the box that can be eaten in just 10 days.  Take this opportunity to get them helping in the kitchen and teach them how to make healthy meals that come straight from the garden. Simply water them twice a day with the included mister, and voila!

All Natural crayons made from veggies
2.  Natural Art Products

Kids love to be creative, and make art, and sometimes that creativity ends up all over their face.  With the art supplies from Wee Can Too you don’t have to worry if some of that paint/chalk/crayon ends up in their mouth, because the products are all natural and organic, made from fruits and veggies! Their products are made with out chemicals, preservatives, or colour additives so you can ensure that your little one can be safe while having fun.

DIY Terrarium - stocking stuffer gift ideas
3. DIY Terrarium Kit

Add a little nature to your home with Twig’s Do-it-yourself terrariums.  The kits contain everything you need to create the little green world, including all the elements, a beautiful recycled glass container, and a little male, or female figurine to live in your green world.

Wooden Rope swing, eco-friendly stocking gift idea, green
4. Oval Tree Swing

Who can forget the endless hours spent outside with the neighbourhood kids taking turns on the local tree swing.  Reintroduce this classic feeling to your kids with The Original Oval Tree Swing. This swing is exactly what it says it is, an old fashioned rope swing.  The nice thing is that it is made from 100% reclaimed wood allowing it to blend in with its natural surroundings and compliment your landscaping.

Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffers, solar LED light, green, environmentally friendly
5. Solar Light

The LuminAID solar light is the perfect gift for a little adventurer. This safe, sustainable and ultra-portable light provides up to 15 hours of LED light and can easily be recharged in the sun, ideal for recreational use outdoors, or in the home as an extra light.  It packs super flat and inflates to create a lightweight, waterproof lantern.

Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, training pants, eco friendly, reusable
6. Waterproof Undies

Give the gift of self confidence with our Oops! Undies Waterproof Underwear.  Perfect for the kid who just needs a little bit of help in the potty training department.  Perfect size to slip into their stocking

Lovey's Tushi Wash all natural diaper spray
6. Tushi Wash

Tushi Wash spray, from Lovey’s Natural Body Care, is an eco-friendly diaper spray that you use with a moistened reusable cloth to gently clean your baby’s tushi without adding more toxic wipes to our landfills.  They also have a Tushi Stick, an all-natural diaper ointment in a stick that conveniently saves parents from messy hands!  The stick has been lab tested and kills bacteria “naturally”! The brand also carries ChafeStop that is great for anyone who suffers from chafing and heat rash, perfect for athletes, babies, pregnant women, etc.

Cupping Massage Kits for Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas
7. BONUS Cupping Massage Kit

Our Bonus item is for the deserving moms on your list.  Lure Home Spa offers BPA-free food grade silicone Cupping Massage Kits for Body & Face. LURE™ cups are safe and effective, natural, affordable and offer a non-invasive way to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, get rid of cellulite, detox, relieve headaches, muscle pain, sinus pressure, increase metabolism, reduce inflammation, contour, tone & firm skin, boost collagen, reduce stress and so much more.  What mom couldn’t use that!

Eco-friendly Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas, green, sustainable
8. Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

Now that you have all those weirdly shaped stocking stuffers of all different sizes, how are you going to wrap them?  Lilywrap delivers an eco-friendly and easy-to-use gift wrap alternative, saving time + trees. The versatile, stretchy, reusable gift wrap fits snugly to a variety of shapes and sizes with the same look and style as traditional wrapping paper. Quickly wrap a present of virtually any shape for a beautiful, custom-wrapped gift.

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