Best Ever – Daddy Does It – Potty Training Tip

Here’s a potty training tip that Moms will especially love.  It starts with Mom taking the weekend off somewhere with her friends.  Got your attention?  Read on!

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Here’s how this works: Mom gets a well-deserved weekend away with her friends.  The weekend becomes a special Daddy-child(ren) weekend.  If your household is all boys, you can call it a “Manly Man” weekend.  If there’s girls, perhaps call it a Big Kids Weekend.

Cover the couch and relevant furniture with Oops! Sheet waterproof cotton mattress protectors.  Yes, they are meant for beds.  But they can also do double duty as great furniture protectors.  Buy some “manly-man” or “big kids” underwear — just like Dad’s.  Oops! Undies – waterproof bamboo kids underwear have a unisex short-shorts style similar to what Dad might wear. 

Then spend the weekend in underwear and T-shirts.  Watch movies, eat popcorn, play board games.  You could even make a game every hour or so to see who could go to the restroom. Odds are there’ll be very few accidents.  Plus  just blocking out a special weekend makes for very little stress.  A great weekend for memory making, and making potty training fun.  Of course Mom will come back refreshed as well.  🙂

Got any other potty training tips that Dads might find especially fun?  Share them with us in the comments section!

Want to check out our selection of couch covering Oops! Sheet waterproof mattress protectors and our Oops! Undies for kids?  Find them here.

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