9 Sanity Saving Holiday Must-Haves

The wild and crazy holiday season is upon us!  It’s a time of family fun, good eating, and sometimes complete chaos.  Here are nine essential items to help keep you sane:

9) Oops! Undies: Waterproof Bamboo Kids Underwear.  They look and feel just like regular underwear, but with added peace of mind.  No more worries that the  kids are pounding back too much juice.  No more worries that they are eating something that might lead to a mad dash for the  potty.  Oops! Undies are soft and cozy for your kiddos and will buy them the extra time they need to get to the bathroom.
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8) Scratch & Grain Baking: Yes, these great little baking kits are perfect for allowing your child to be the Baker In Charge.  They are also incredibly tasty.  Finding yourself short on time to dig out a recipe and bake something great?  No worries, Scratch and Grain’s gourmet taste will have them thinking you spent hours creating the delicious cookies they are devouring!
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7) The I Like Book: It’s easy for the madness of the Holidays to get in the way of one-on-one time with your kids.  Get them each a book and spend quality time each night talking about the things you love about them.  You’ll both enjoy the experience.
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6) Oops! Sheet Waterproof Mattress Protectors: Going to visit friends or relatives over the holidays?  Planning to stay overnight?  Worried your kiddos might have an oops and ruin someone else’s mattress?  Bring an Oops! Sheet Mattress Protector along and everyone sleeps more peacefully.
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5)  Noblo Umbrella Buddy: Going to the beach this Holiday Season?  Lucky Ducky!  The off-season beach weather can be windy.  Be sure to bring your Noblo Umbrella Buddy to secure your beach umbrella and keep it from taking flight and possibly hitting one of the kids!
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 4) The Diaper Clutch: Got a baby in the house?  Going to be on-the-go with them?  You’ll want to have The Diaper Clutch on hand.  It’s a two in one diaper and wipes holder.  Perfect for families on the move!
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3) Oops! Sheet Waterproof Car Seat Covers: The holidays mean lots more time spent in the car.  Whether you are visiting friends and relatives, or just trekking to the mall, odds are your kids are spending more  time in the vehicle.  When spills or potty training accidents occur, cleaning out that car seat can be a royal pain.  Oops! Sheet’s Car Seat Cover has an easy on/off elastic perimetre, velcro openings for the car seat’s harness system – and best of all – just throw it in the wash when it needs cleaning.  Easy peasy!
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 2) Parking Pal Magnet: With the added time spent going places, your kids will spend more time in parking lots.  Parking Pal Magnet attaches to your vehicle and gives your kiddos a spot to place their hand and wait patiently for you.  A much safer alternative then having the kids distracted and dodging out into the traffic.
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1) Baby Jack Blanket: It’s easy to entertain the bigger kids when you’re on the road.  Hook them up with a little screen time and they’re happy.  But how to keep the baby content?  Baby Jack Blanket is a cozy soft, sensory blanket with all sorts of interesting things for your baby to touch and be occupied by.  Peace in the vehicle is a beautiful thing!


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From our Family to Yours, we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season full of great memory making  moments!

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