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5 Halloween Sleepover Party Ideas

Oops! Sheet sleeping bag liners for sleepovers

This year Halloween is on a Friday making it perfect for a Halloween Sleepover Party.

If your child is worried about accidents in the middle of the night we are here to help.  Our Waterproof Sleeping Bag Liners fit discreetly …

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How to Preserve your Pumpkin

Our job at Oops! Sheet is to help you during through those tough potty training messes, but we know that those aren’t the only messes that come with children! I am sure many of you have made the trek to …

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Kid Friendly Bathroom Decor

kid friendly bathroom decorating ideas
We have developed the Oops! Undies to help make potty training a breeze, but we know it’s hard to get your little one excited to use the bathroom.  We have put together a few kid friendly decor ideas that can
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