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Giving Birth. Kindergarten Graduation. Blink

Where does the time go? From first sounds to first words. From rolling over to walking. Then scribbling to writing their name. Soon it’s off to Grade One.

Remember that last time your child refused to sleep in their crib? …

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Close Call

Yesterday I had a meeting downtown Vancouver, a mere two blocks away from the game and right across the street from the fires that later ensued. My six year old daughter didn’t have school so I brought her with me. …

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Holding Out For A Hero


What do you call a woman who helps raise $550 MILLION DOLLARS for a cause close to her heart? Someone who gives birth to a child who engages an entire nation’s imagination and unites everyone in a singular goal before …

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5 Ways to Put the F Word Back Into Your Vocab

For many of us, parenthood is a complete life changer. There’s the barfy pregnancy, the sleep deprived first six months, teething, colic, the terrible two’s, tricky three’s, and the list goes on. Between juggling our family commitments, financial responsibilities, and

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