12 Ultimate Stocking Stuffers

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicolas soon would be there…”  But what, oh what should a Mama stuff into those carefully hung stockings?  We have TWELVE great ideas that’ll have you giggling with glee…

12) Oh Sew Sporty – Adjustable, nonslip headbands.  $8 each.

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11) Bambini Ware –  A cute little bib that does big things, the Burpa Collar™ fits high around your baby’s neck to absorb milk dribble, drool and those pesky food stains that ruin collars.  $16
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10) Couture Clip –  Gorgeous leather binkie & toy holder gift set.  $75
Couture Clip, leather, binkie holder, toy holder, Christmas, Holiday, stocking stuffer, gift, baby, child, children, kids, Oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, cotton, potty training, incontinence

9) The Wizor – Awesome hands-free scissors.  Safety first!  $8.99/pack of 2

The Wizor, hands free scissors, scissors, child, baby, kids, children, safety, Christmas, Holiday, Stocking Stuffer, Gift, Oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies, potty training, incontinence, bamboo

8) Kiddo Tags – Personalized tags to keep everything organized and where it belongs. Value pack $34.99

Kiddo Tags, labels, tags, kids, child, children, stocking stuffer, Christmas, Holiday, gift, organized, Oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies, potty training, incontinence, bamboo

7) The Diaper Clutch – Simplify a Mama’s life with a diaper carrier that fits both the diapers *and* the wipes!  $24

the diaper clutch, diapers, wipes, diaper bag, baby, oops! sheet, oops! undies, waterproof, potty training, kids, child. children

6) Parking Pal Magnet – Get your Littles excited about parking lot safety.  Parking Pal is a magnet that attaches to your vehicle and gives your kiddos a spot to focus and put their cute little hands on.  Occupied and away from danger!  $8.99

Parking Pal Magnet, child safety, parking lot safety, kids, children, child, Oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies, waterproof, potty training, incontinence, road trip

5) Accessory Connectz – interchangeable accessories that your child can customize as they please.  $3.99-$9.99
Accessory Connectz, kids, accessories, interchangeable, fun, Christmas, Holiday, gift, stocking stuffer

4) Joe Jacket® – Adorable  insulating, drink sleeves for the Mama who likes to look good while she drinks her coffee.  $6.99

Reusable, beverage, coffee, hot, drink sleeves, Joe Jacket, Christmas, Holiday, Stocking Stuffer, Gift 

3) Psi Bands – Stylish drug-free wrist bands for the relief of nausea. Perfect for the pregnant Mama and her Morning Sickness!  $15
Pregnant, naseau, Mom, gift, Christmas, Holiday, Stocking Stuffer, Psi Bands

2)  Lovey’s Tushi Stick –  100% Natural Diaper Rash Cream to soothe baby’s tushi naturally. $16.99
Lovey's, Tushi Stick, diaper rash, cloth diapers, diaper cream, baby, Christmas, Gift, Stocking Stuffer

1) Oops! Undies – Waterproof Bamboo Kids Underwear.  Looks and feels just like regular undies.  $29.95 for a 2 pack.
Oops! Undies, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, Christmas, Holiday, stocking stuffer, child, children, potty training, incontinence, Oops! Sheet

From one Mrs. Claus to another, wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season, a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a wonderful New Year!

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