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How A Pair of Underwear Can Change A Child’s Life

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Whether your child is just starting potty training, struggling to stay dry overnight, or has ongoing challenges, we regularly receive heartfelt feedback from parents whose children have been positively impacted by Oops! Undies. Here’s a few of our favourites:

“Best purchase I have made in a long time. My son struggles to wake up at night and at 5 was horrified to wear “diapers” at night. This has given him his confidence back and me the freedom from washing sheets every morning!!! Love love love”

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“My son just turned seven and has issues of sometimes wetting the bed. We have tried all sorts of night pants but he hates them all, until we tried Oops! Undies! The other ones leaked and felt like diapers, and no 6 or 7 year old boy wants that. The first time my son put on a pair of Oops! Undies he was just so happy and said, “Mom! They are just like underwear!” That made him feel so happy and confident. I could not ask for more. I think that this new confidence has actually helped him feel more like a big boy and has actually helped him with not having accidents anymore. Odd but true! WE LOVE our Oops! Underwear and recommended them to all our friends dealing with the same issue or are going through potty training.”

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“We purchased size 6-7 for our 5-year-old daughter. She’s a little big for her age, and they fit perfectly. They’re soft like regular underwear and wash well. She always viewed the pull-up diapers as diapers, but she actually makes an effort to keep these dry because she sees them as undies…”

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“I have a 12 y-old boy (small for age) with medical issues. He does not want to wear pull-ups, so we have tried every underwear on the market–I am sure we spent no less than an thousand $ on other products, but these are perfect. My son can pull them up and down and places a small incontinence pad inside and no leaking all day. In other pants he would bulge or leak. These look and feel like real underwear. They are worth every cent and then some!! A real blessing to our family.”

You can read more love here.  Got a heartwarming story to add?  Please feel free to add it in the Comments below!

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Potty Training: Tales From The Trenches

We’ve heard many potty training stories over the years and wanted to share of few of our favourites. Grab your coffee and get ready to laugh until the tears pour…

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Sarah S. “Potty training is like trying to get an elephant in a smart car!!!”

Clint B. “I am looking forward to potty training like looking forward to a root canal. You really don’t want to go through the pain but know that on the other side you will be in less pain.”

Sara Y. “My greatest nightmare is an “I need to go potty,” while we are in bumper to bumper traffic.”

Stephanie N. “How I feel about potty training…”are we there yet?”

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Kristin S. “I’m loving my three year old telling me “it’s not the right time for me yet. Maybe next year mom.””

Sheena S. “It’s like running a marathon.”

Maleesa L. “After conquering the “peeing portion” of potty training and struggling with the “pooping portion,” we had to catch our son before going into closets, because that was his poop-location of choice. While on vacation at Disney World, we actually discovered (after smelling something for about a half hour) that after his bath he had pooped in the hotel room closet. On the floor. Log just layin’ there.”

Sarah A. “My son has a very vivid imagination and once after going number 2 he looks in the toilet and says, “Look! A poop snake!!””

Potty Training, tips, advice, parenting, kids, toilet training, boys, girls, oops undies, oops! undies, oops sheet, oops! sheet

Jodie G. “My daughter has pooped everywhere but the potty. However, she will gladly pee in the potty for a few skittles! I’ve even tried telling her I’ll give her enough skittles to poop a rainbow if she goes poop in the potty!”

Stacy P. “Oh man, these undies would be perfect for my five year old son while traveling. He has incontinence while sleeping, and I’m always worried about accidents when staying over at friends and family’s houses.”

Kelie E. “Potty training is SO much fun. – Said no mom ever.”

Ashley H. “My daughter, almost 3 is ‘mostly’ potty trained. She has trouble with poop sometimes. Yesterday, whilst Christmas shopping, she says with a huge smile on her face, “look Mom!” And pointed to a huge bump on her butt. Yuck!”

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Felisa A. “Potty training my 3 yr old is not going well. I think he’s going to be in diapers at college.”

Heather S. “Potty training is worse than child birth. Really.”

Kasaundra T. “Potty training twins meant I was rushing one to the toilet while the other one happily peed in a corner.”

Rae E. “Still in the potty training process. This is the slowest process ever. It’s like herding cats.”

Emily A. “My favorite part of potty training is when my kid loudly cheers for me when I use the potty… In a public restroom.”

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Potty Training: Top 3 Reasons To Use Cloth Training Pants vs Pull-Ups

oops undies, cloth, training pants, potty training, toilet training, waterproof, bamboo, kids, underwear, child, children, boys, girls, toddler, eco friendly, reusable, Oops! Undies are cloth toilet training pants for children. They look and feel like regular underwear but have a waterproof layer between two layers of slightly absorbent bamboo fabric. They are designed for mid to later stage potty training kids as well as for children with light incontinence challenges. Here’s why families prefer our Oops! Undies cloth training pants over Pull-Ups:

1. Faster potty training.
Pull-Ups absorb like a diaper. As such, they mimic a diaper and many kids are quick to use them like a diaper. It’s preferable for your child to feel the wetness that comes with using cloth training pants, and to be uncomfortable. Use an Oops! Sheet waterproof carseat protector, and Oops! Sheet waterproof mattress protectors to keep everything dry. Have a really heavy wetter? Try our Oops! Booster pads. Need even more protection? Take a prefold out of your cloth diaper stash, and tuck them in your child’s Oops! Undies Cloth Training Pants.

In your words:
Love them
We are having a difficult time potty training my stubborn little guy. We are at the point where we have to put our foot down, No More Pull-ups! Thankgoodness for these training pants!!! They are absorbent enough to not make a large pool on the floor but still leak enough for him to know he’s made a mistake! They look and feel like real underwater too!

2. Confidence building.
Kids that have occasional set-backs do not want to wear diapers. They find it both confusing and embarrassing. Oops! Undies Cloth Training Pants look and feel like regular underwear. Their siblings and peers would not know the difference between a pair of Oops! Undies and regular underwear. Pull-Ups on the other hand…

In your words:
Best purchase I have made in a long time
Best purchase I have made in a long time. My son struggles to wake up at night and at 5 was horrified to wear “diapers” at night. This has given him his confidence back and me the freedom from washing sheets every morning!!! Love love love

3. Independence.
The child that feels in control, wants to keep feeling that feeling. Being able to take care of their own bathroom business is a wonderful thing – both for the child as well as the parents.

In your words:
Nothing else like these
I have a 12 y-old boy (small for age) with medical issues. He does not want to wear pull-ups, so we have tried every underwear on the market–I am sure we spent no less than an thousand $ on other products, but these are perfect. My son can pull them up and down and places a small incontinence pad inside and no leaking all day. In other pants he would bulge or leak. These look and feel like real underwear. They are worth every cent and then some!! A real blessing to our family.

We LOVE hearing your stories! Got any we missed? Please do share them in our Comments below.

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5 Great Gender Neutral Gifts for the Mom-to-Be

It’s Baby Shower Season and you’re looking for something great to give. Something that is thoughtful and definitely unique. We’ve got five fab ideas for you:

1) Oops! Sheet‘s waterproof cotton mattress protectors.  Cozy cotton combined with a waterproof membrane on the underside. Queen and King size is ideal for the Mama whose water may break while she is in bed. Crib size is an ideal gift for babe. Want something for the Mom on the go? Check out the new Playard size which fits Graco’s Pack ‘n Go as well as Dream on Me Playard mattresses. Find them here:

Oops! Sheet™ Baby in Blue
2) Baby Bello Organic Play Mat for Baby is made of 1.25″ Thick Plant Based Foam, a Non-toxic Waterproof Layer and a 100% Natural Organic Cotton Cover. Baby Bello is perfect for safely playing, tumbling, toppling, crawling, rolling, and relaxing… and it’s big enough for Mom to join baby! Find it here.
baby bello, baby mushroom, organic, playmat, baby, mom, gift
3) Recordable Pal is a white noise plush toy that records mommy’s voice. Comfort for baby and peace of mind for Mom. Find it here.
recordable pal, plush, toy, baby, mom, baby shower, gift

4) SwimZip offers fashionable UPF 50+ protection for women through their pregnancies, and after. Their zipper tops and swim dresses make nursing while at the pool or beach a breeze.  Ideal for the Mama who loves to enjoy the sun and look good while doing it! Get yours here.
swimzip, maternity, beach cover, swim suit, mom, baby shower, gift

5) Roo Rain Gear makes stylish rain gear from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The easy-to-get-on-and-off poncho style is ideal for pregnant and  post partum Moms who like to get outside, no matter the weather.  The poncho packs down into an attached stuff sack and comes in sizes for adults, kids and even dogs! Find it here.
Roo Rain Gear, recycled plastic bottles, rain coat, rain jacket, rain slicker, rain poncho, maternity, pregnant, Mom, baby shower, gift
No matter who the Mom-to-Be is in your life, you’ve got many great choices to pick from!  Did we miss any hot items?  Let us know in the Comments below…

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Potty training at its finest

Potty Training isn’t easy, we hear you, that’s why we invented Oops! Undies to help with all those little accidents that can occur.

Here’s a fun advert that captures the trials and tribulation perfectly.  We hope it gives you a little comic relief 🙂

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Valentine’s Day Tasty Treats

Last week we asked you to tell us what your go-to Valentine’s Day treat for the kids was and many of you responded with gifts for the tummy, so we have listed some for you to try on February 14th. The full recipes can be found on our Pinterest page.

egg heart in a toast, Valentinte's Day recipe, oops! sheet, Oops! Undies, kids

How about starting the morning off right with a delicious Valentine’s breakfast.  Heart egg in a basket or some heart pancakes?

red heart pancakes, Valentine's Day recipe, kids breakfast, oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies


Many of you told us how much your little ones loved Rice Krispy treats, so here is a fun and colourful way to make them for Valentine’s Day.

Colourful heart shaped Rice Krispy treats Cupcakes seems to be another favourite Valentine’s treat so why not try these cute Cupid Arrow Cupcakes.


Valentine's Day cupid cupcakes, recipes, Oops! Undies, Oops! Sheet, training pants Of course if you want to keep the gift giving on the healthier side, how about some heart-shaped vegetables?

Heart shaped cucumber slices, Valentine's Day recipes for kids, Oops! Sheet, Oops! Undies

We love to hear from you, let us know if you have any fun Valentine’s Day treats up your sleeve.


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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine's day Gifts for kids, toddlers, potty training, incontinence, training pants, training underwear, oops! undies

1. Nothing is more cute than a little girl in a tutut.  Fulfill her ballerina dreams with this adorable Valentine’s outfit from Posh Peanut Kids on Etsy.

2. Expand the creative minds of your little one with these Conversation Heart Crayons from Ivy Lane Designs made from recycled crayons.  Each one has a little message on them similar to the classic Valentine’s heart candy.

3. Give the gift of a heartfelt story with a tale about Duck & Goose.  Goose needs a hug in this edition of the popular series available at Chapter Indigo.

4. There is nothing better than giving your kid the gift of freedom from diapers. With these Oops! Undies waterproof bamboo underwear your child can stop worrying about possible embarrassing accidents with friends, and just focus on being a kid.

5. If you are trying to stay away from candy but can’t get through Valentine’s Day without something sweet, try one of the beautiful fruit arrangements from Edible Arrangements. They look great and taste good too!

6. If you have a little baker in the house she will love this girly heart apron from Jessie Steele. Perfect for baking up those holiday cookies.

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4 Tasty Hot Chocolate Recipes

It’s getting chilly out there, and sometimes one of the best things to warm the tummy is some good old fashioned hot chocolate. There are an abundance of yummy recipes out there, and we have picked our favourites below.

Coconut Hot Chocolate

Coconut hot chocolate recipe

source: CaretacticsBlog.com


We are sharing this recipe from the blog Caretactics.  Not only does it taste delicious it also claims to boost your metabolism! With only 4 ingredients it’s easy to make, and it’s good for you. Just click on the picture to view the full recipe.

Vegan Hot Chocolate

Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

source: The Minimalist Baker


The Minimalist Baker has a great Vegan option on their site. With this recipe you can stick to your dietary choice and still enjoy a big, hot cup of delicious. Click on the picture to view the full recipe.

White Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate Recipe,

Source: Gimme Some Oven

This decadent versions is brought to you by Gimme Some Oven. If you like it just a little bit sweeter, why not try this white hot chocolate option. It’s just as easy as the regular version and tastes just as good…. maybe even better.  Click on the picture to view the full recipe.

Nutella Crockpot Hot Chocolate

Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

Source: The Frugal Girls


If you swear by your crockpot and can’t get enough of the hazelnut chocolate spread, then Frugal Girls have the recipe for you. Simple as pour it, and leave it!  Click on the picture to the view the full recipe.

Homemade Snowflake Recipe

Homemade snowflake marshmallow recipe

Source: MarthaStewart.com


Martha Stewart always has something up her sleeve, and in this recipe she teaches us how to make our own marshmallows.  Why not try adding these homemade fluffy treats to the top of your drink to give your hot chocolate a personal touch. Click on the picture for the full recipe.

Let us know below if you have any favourite hot chocolate recipes of your own. You can also msg us on Facebook (/OopsSheetInc), instagram(@Oopssheet_OopsUndies), and twitter (@OopsShee).

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Potty Training Tips and Advice from our Readers

We know that potty training can be difficult, so last week we asked our readers for some of their tips and tricks that have worked for them during the whole process.  Here is a list of the most popular advice from fellow parents who have been out in the trenches just like you.

Potty Training Tips and advice from other parents. Oops! Undies  Oops! Sheet

Be Committed and Stay Consistent

Like anything consistency is important, children respond well to routines and by introducing one using the potty will become much less foreign to them. It is also important that you start the process at a time when you can be committed.  If you are not able to put in the time to take it seriously it is likely that your child will not take it seriously either.

Do Not use Training Diapers

Using pull-ups or similar training diapers can sometimes prolong the potty training process.  Kids need to feel wet and uncomfortable to understand why using the potty is a better alternative. Pull-ups absorb the wetness and act just like normal diapers. Many parents suggested using thick cotton underwear, training pants, or our Oops! Undies waterproof underwear for example.

Waterproof underwear for Potty Training. Oops! Undies

Give Rewards

Kids respond well to rewards. It makes them feel accomplished and excited to continue to succeed.  Some parents use chocolate, or candy, while others create a sticker chart to keep track of successful “activities”.  Some parents give their child a reward after every successful bathroom run, and others use stickers to add up until a target amount had been reached.  Once this target amount has been reached they give the child a reward.

Potty training tips and advice, use rewards

Wait Until They Are Ready

“Wait until their ready” was expressed by many of our readers.  Some children’s ability to use the potty properly develops later than others, and there is no point wasting your time if the child has no interest in using the potty.  The process will become very stressful and frustrating if you are always fighting with your child to go to the bathroom.

Go Before you Leave

There is nothing worse than having to clean a soiled carseat, (which is why we created our waterproof carseat cover) so naturally many of our readers suggested taking your child to the bathroom before you leave the house.

Use a Portable Travel Potty

This handy device can help when you’re on the go so that potty training doesn’t have to be put on hold while you are out.  Many parents said that they keep a potty in the car so that they can pottytrain on the go and avoid dirty public bathrooms.

Travel Potty, Potty Training tips and advice Oops! Undies

Tinkle Targets (boys)

Parents who have boys have found that creating targets for their boys to aim at while using the bathroom has made potty training fun, and helped keep their bathroom clean.  Some parents place Cheerios cereal in the toilet and encourage their son to aim for the target.  You can also buy stickers to place in the bowl for your son to aim at. (This can work with dads too!)

Potty Training tips and advice target tinklers

Recognize Cues

Kids usually have a cue that signals that they have to use the bathroom. Things like hiding in a corner, crossing their legs, holding themselves, tugging on their underwear, crouching, and so on can help signal that they need to use the potty. Taking them, or asking them to use the potty once seeing these signs give you a better chance of success.

Keep it Casual

Some parents have found it helpful to keep the whole process very casual. They have placed the potty in the living room and allowed them to sit on it while eating, or watching TV so that they can get used to sitting on the potty.

Set a Timer
In order to be consistent some parents suggest to set a timer for every half hour, or twenty minutes to remind them to take their child to the potty.  Another way parents have used a timer is by setting a timer once the child is on the potty and instructing them to keep trying until the timer is done.  Of course they can get off early if they finish before the timer is done. 😉

Always Bring Extra Clothes

This is a great piece of advice, not only for your child but for yourself. All kind of accidents can happen while potty training, it never hurts to be prepared.

I hope the tips and advice were helpful for any of you about to embark on the potty training adventure.  Please feel free to share any other tips in the comments below.

Like our Facebook page to keep updated on our future advice sharing posts.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

We know that moms and dads are busy busy people, so it’s okay if you still aren’t done with your Christmas shopping.  If you are one of those people heading out today, on Christmas Eve, to finish some last minute shopping don’t worry we are here for you.  Last week we asked our readers for some of their unique Christmas gift and stocking stuffer ideas, and we had a great response.  We compiled some of our favourite responses to help you get what you need.

unique christmas gift ideas, oops undies, waterproof underwear, potty training

  • Yearly pass to the Aquarium
  • Yearly pass to the zoo
  • Personalized decorated pillows
  • Personalized picture puzzles
  • A Christmas ornament every year (so they have decorations for their tree when they are grown)
  • Edible arrangements (fruit in made into a bouquet)
  • Christmas Eve box with jammies, hot chocolate, a Christmas movie or book to watch or read together on Christmas Eve.
  • Personalized sports bags
  • Movie tickets
  • Roo Rain Gear Waterproof poncho made from recycled plastic bottles
  • ebook gift certificate
  • Make your own ugly sweater kit
  • Personalized children’s books

Last minute christmas stocking stuffers, holiday gifts

  • Fruit Snacks
  • Chap stick
  • Scratch-and -Win tickets
  • Favourite movie
  • Jerky
  • Stickers
  • Oops! Undies Waterproof Underwear
  • Life Saver books
  • New toothbrush
  • Puzzles
  • Kinder Surprise
  • Bath tub paints
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